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Afires Mystique CRF

2016 Half Arab Afires Heir X Auroras Annie

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Ames Justification

Bay colt   Nobilistic CRF X Julietta Ames

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Ames Shady Lady

2016 Half Arab filly VJ Royal Heir X Shady Baby

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Ames Showstopper

2016 Colt Afires Heir X Ames Patina

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Captive Heir CRF

2016 Half Arab colt Afires Heir X Captivating Style

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Marc of Ames

2016 Arabian Colt QR Marc X Perfirka

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Nirvanas Mirage CRF

2016 Filly Nutcrackers Nirvana X Ames Mirage

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Noble Reflection CRF

2016 Colt A Noble Cause X Takaraa

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