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Julietta Ames x ROL Divine Style 2015 Filly

Ames Divine

ROL Divine Style x Julietta Ames 3/13/15 Bay Arabian Filly

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A Noble Cause x Ames Mirage

Ames Illusion

A Noble Cause x Ames Mirage 1/28/15 Arabian Chestnut Filly

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Ghazi Heir CRF

Afires Heir x MA Ghazta Trot 5/13/15 Bay    Arabian    Colt

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Hes In Style CRF

ROL Divine Style  x  Gunning For Roses KCF 4/19/15 Chestnut    Half Arabian  Gelding

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Mighty Thor CRF

SHF Encore  x  Julietta Ames 4/10/15 Bay    Arabian    Colt

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Nirvana Angel CRF

Nutcracker’s Nirvana x Colette Ames 5/13/15 Bay     Half Arabian     Filly

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Noble Emotions CRF

A Noble Cause x Madame Ghazi 5/14/15 Chestnut Arabian Colt

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Party Nut CRF

Undulata’s Nutcracker  x  Marion Ames 5/7/15 Bay    Half Arabian Gelding

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Pharaoh CRF

2015 Ekstern x Perfirka Colt

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Rachael Ames

2015  Bay Filly   SHF Encore X HA Sahara Afire

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Shady Magna CRF

VCP Magnifire x Shady Baby Half Arabian Bay Gelding 02/09/15

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Suzanne Ames

Baahir Al Marwan x Exotic Angel AB 2/27/15 Bay Arabian Filly

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Tory Burch CRF

SHF Encore  x  Glamorize 4/27/15 Chestnut    Half Arabian    Filly

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10388139_10204803355298164_1986354132791151194_n (1)

Weiza Bella CRF

Arabian Breeding Royalty … *Pogrom x *Wieza Mocy Thank you, David Boggs and Janey Morse, for allowing us the opportunity to own this very special filly. She is more than we could have ever imagined. We are so honored to be her caretakers. Love, Dick, Lollie and Lara Ames Bay Arabian Filly 01/15/2015

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