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Scottsdale 2013


Good Luck to all of our contenders at Scottsdale!

Emily Pate with RJ Ames
Allie Cederberg with MSU Afire Blazon
Toni Dolby with Juke Box Hero
Liz Moore with Lots Of FIre CRF & CW Knoxville Rush
Dick Ames with Brass Star
Lara Ames with Matoi Afire, Toi Supreme CRF & Top Brass CRF
Tom Moore with SHF Encore
Leah Beth Boyd with Matoi Afire & Toi Supreme CRF
John Golladay with MSU Afire Blazon & Top Brass CRF
Brian Welman with Ben There Dunthat RA, All Maxed Out RA, Dun With Style RA & Gone N Dunit RA