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2016 Scottsdale Horse Show Results – Cedar Ridge Arabians and Ames Reining

2016 Scottsdale Show Results
Cedar Ridge Horses:
*Arabian Country English Pleasure Open:-1st Noble Supreme CRF with Leah Beth Golladay.
*HA/AA Reining Futurity Classic 1st go- Wheres Wanda RA with Brian Welman.
*Arabian Reining Horse AATR 60 and Over
3rd-TA Mozart and Dick Ames
*Arabian Reining Horse AAOTR, 60 & Over 1st TA Mozart and Dick Ames.
*Arabian Reining Horse Bitted- 3rd TA Mozart and Crystal McNutt.
*HA/AA English Pleasure Geldings and Stallions: Toi Fabulous CRF and John Golladay.
*Scottsdale Arabian Classic 8 yr and older Mares: 1st Perfirka and David Boggs,
*Arabian Country English Pleasure Championship: 1st Noble Supreme CRF and Leah Beth Golladay.
*Arabian Reining Horse Championship Bitted: 5th TA Mozart and Crystal McNutt.

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