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Riding Club

Cedar Ridge Riding Club Activities

Lessons at CRRC are taught by instructor Stephanie Davisson, who brings with her a love and passion for the Arabian horse, along with nearly a decade of instruction experience helping riders achieve their ultimate goals. Lessons are an hour long and include time spent both tacking and untacking your horse, with the help of an instructor. In a typical lesson, the rider will spend 15 minutes tacking, 30 minutes riding and 10-15 minutes untacking. Lesson are held year-round with an indoor heated arena for comfort and convenience in the winter months. At CRRC, we encourage our riders to participate in our in-house “Fun Show” and progress through the stages of becoming a competitive rider.


Riding Lessons

Lessons at CRRC are taught by Instructor Stephanie Davisson who brings with her experience, patience and a love of watching her students achieve their personal goals. Lessons are an hour long, including the time spent tacking and untacking the horse with the help of your instructor. Typically, a half- hour is spent in the saddle. At CRRC a rider “graduates” through the program as they achieve more advanced skills and experience. We call these stages Levels.

Level 1: Anyone new to the program. Learn the basics of riding and horsemanship in private lessons.
$50 Per Lesson

Level 2: Further advance your skills in controling the horse, steering, and riding different horses in the program. Riders have the option of taking private or group lessons.
$50-$60 Per Lesson

Level 3: Begin polishing and refining your skills while being introduced to the show ring at local shows.
$50-$60 Per Lesson

Level 4: Learn advanced techniques in collection, horsemanship and equitation. Be introduced to Class A showing-the highest level of the show ring. $50-$60 Per Lesson

Monthly Meetings

Every month CRRC hosts a club meeting in the Cedar Ridge lounge, featuring an educational activity. Previous events have included lectures from Farriers, Veterinarians, Quiz Bowl, Field-trips to area horse shows, and many more designed to educate everyone in horse care and horsemanship. CRRC monthly meetings are free as are some activities.

Camps & Clinics

CRRC hosts several summer camps each year designed to give riders extra “saddle time”, a fun time with peers, and a place to really fine-tune riding skills. Various camps are held to accomodate different riding levels of students. Dates vary depending upon interest.

In addition to camps, CRRC also hosts a Clinician most years to provide valuable insight from a fresh viewpoint. Past Clinicians have included Renowned Instructors and Trainers such as Gayle Lampe, Ray La Croix and Bob Battaglia.

For More Information Contact Stephanie Davisson, Lesson Instructor




“I had high expectations for a riding program for my daughter. I wanted her to understand that riding didn’t mean just show up and sit on a horse for an hour. I wanted her to understand the responsibility and joy of working with such a wonderful animal—both in the ring and out of it. I also wanted her to experience the “learn something new every time”  wisdom you get on a horse with a teacher who knows that and shows how to manage that experience. Of course, I wanted my daughter’s confidence to grow while doing all of this.

“I know—it’s a tall order! However, my own experience taught me all of this. And guess what? The Cedar Ridge Riding Program is exactly what I had in mind for my daughter! She is experiencing everything I had hoped. So, because of this I decided to get back in the saddle again after 20 years to experience it too!”

—Lani Basa, CRRC member since 2007

“We love the Cedar Ridge Lesson Program! My two girls have been riding with the lesson program for over five years. I have watched them grow in discipline, focus and confidence. As a mom, the “teenage” years can be tough. Using what they learned riding with Cedar Ridge has helped them make it through successfully. Having the girls connect with Cedar Ridge has been one of the best decisions we, as parents, have made.”

—Phil and Christy Caspers, CRRC members since 2006

“Riding at Cedar Ridge Arabians has provided my daughter with many lessons, not only in the arena, but outside of it as well.

“As a parent, I continue to experience joy as I watch my daughter build the important life skills of confidence, determination, and focus.

“Our family feels so much gratitude for Cedar Ridge Arabians, as we observe the unfolding of a special relationship between trainer, student, and horse!”

—Genevieve Calvillo, CRRC member since 2008

“Cedar Ridge Arabians is an exquisite facility! I am so impressed by the lesson technique and the instructor’s genuine interest in developing the rider’s skills. My 8-year-old daughter has become a confident rider in less than a year worth of lessons!”

—Kim Pellici, CRRC member since 2010

“We are absolutely thrilled with the Cedar Ridge Arabians’ riding lesson program. The lesson instructor Heather and Cedar Ridge have been simply fabulous!

“The Cedar Ridge riding lesson program is not just about learning how to ride a horse; it is also about learning valuable life lessons. Beyond learning how to ride, the students learn about responsibility, professionalism, horsemanship, fairness and humbleness. They also learn all there is to know about horses and how to care for them. We fully believe not only has this program satisfied our daughter’s passion for horses and how to ride English style, but it has helped her to grow as a person. As Heather says, ‘It is not about the ribbons, it is about the ride.’

“We continually recommend the Cedar Ridge Arabians’ riding lesson program to anyone who has kids with an interest in riding.

“Thank you, Cedar Ridge, for a wonderful program!”

—Mark & Susan Lundquist, CRRC members since 2009